Over 90% of all Sonos devices can be repaired

Flat rate Sonos repair prices

No estimates or analysis costs


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Sonos Repair - How it works

1. Fill in the repair form

Fill in all required fields of the repair form below. You will receive an email confirmation that we have received your request.

2. Get info email

You will shortly receive an estimate of the feasibility of the repair, a detailed quotation including transport costs and information on how long the repair will take.

3. We arrange the transport

We organise the outward and return transport for you. We will send you a paid shipping label for this purpose.

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Repaired devices

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400 t

CO2 emission avoided

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25 t

Electrical waste avoided

Sonos Flat Rate Repair Prices

including work and parts

Sonos Play5 gen2, Five Reparatie.jpg

Play:5 gen2 / Five

€ 149

Sonos Play1 Reparatie.jpg

Play:1 / One

€ 79

Sonos ConnectAmp Reparatie.jpg

Connect:Amp / ZP120

€ 129

Sonos Beam Reparatie.jpg


€ 139

Sonos Amp Reparatie.jpg


€ 149

Sonos Play5 gen1 Reparatie.jpg

Play:5 gen1

€ 129

Sonos Playbar Reparatie.jpg


€ 169

Sonos Connect Reparatie.jpg

Connect / ZP90

€ 99

Sonos Move Reparatie.jpg


€ 139

Sonos Port Reparatie.jpg


€ 129

Sonos Play3 Reparatie.jpg


€ 109

Sonos Sub Reparatie.jpg


€ 189

Sonos Playbase Reparatie.jpg


€ 189

Sonos Arc Reparatie.jpg


€ 229

Sonos Roam Reparatie.jpg

Roam (SL)

€ 79

Which Sonos faults are frequently repaired?
  • No function, no LED display

  • Sound only via headphones

  • Music very quiet

  • Poor sound image

  • LED lights up permanently white

  • Damage caused by a fall

  • Connection problems, Wi-Fi does not work

  • Optical socket Toslink broken off

  • High pitch noise

  • Overvoltage on mains grid, lightning strike

What does the analysis of my device cost?

Nothing at all! There is no estimate. Your device will be repaired for the fixed price indicated. If a repair is not possible, you only have to pay the costs for the return shipment.

How long is the warranty period?

We grant a guarantee of 12 months on the replaced parts and their function.

Sonos is only offering me a replacement device?

We hear the same thing again and again from different sides. When a device is returned to Sonos, it is often simply disposed of.

Are spare parts also offered?

Yes, we also offer spare parts such as individual loudspeaker chassis or power supplies.

Do I have to pay in advance?

No, the invoice is sent with the repaired device.



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Darghorn Game

Isonatec simply gave life back to my Playbar whose power board had burned out. Sonos didn't want to fix it, and I saved a lot of money. Many thanks Isonatec!


4.9 star rating on Google

Jim Shelton

My Play 5 died, no sound whatsoever of course Sonos don’t repair gen 1’s. Found ISONATEC on the internet and Michael responded directly with repair information. The repair was carried out efficiently with Emails informing the progress. The Play 5 has been returned and once again sounding great. If you have a Sonos repair problem contact Michael at ISONATEC for a perfect service.

Matthew Griffiths

A well organised and super fast repair during the C19 Crisis - Isonatec price repairs fairly and are very good at communication . Fortunately they operate across Europe I recommend.

About Us

Our philosophy is our driving force and at the same time the reason why we exist at all. We, isonatec, are no ordinary Sonos dealer, because our motivation is not only based on the size of our sales market, but rather on setting a sign against the consumer society. We at isonatec want to show that the future of our environment is in our own hands. Each individual is responsible for making his or her own contribution to the future of our environment.


Since we cannot stop the mass production of electrical appliances, we want to counteract this problem in our own way. And how? By raising awareness of the growing throwaway mentality and encouraging individuals to reuse in a more sustainable way.

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