Sonos. Repaired.



Over 90% of all devices can be repaired!

Your device will be repaired at a fixed price.

No estimates or analysis costs!


Fast and easy communication.


Repair Prices

Play:5 gen2 / Five

€ 139

Play:1 / One

€ 69

Amp / ZP120 / ZP100

€ 119


€ 119

Play:5 gen1

€ 119


€ 149

Connect / ZP90

€ 99


€ 119


€ 99


€ 149


€ 149


€ 199

Which faults are frequently repaired?
  • No function, no LED display

  • Sound only via headphones

  • Music very quiet

  • Poor sound image

  • LED lights up permanently white

  • Damage caused by a fall

  • Connection problems, Wi-Fi does not work

  • Optical socket Toslink broken off

  • High pitch noise

What does the analysis of my device cost?

Nothing at all! There is no estimate. Your device will be repaired for the fixed price indicated. If a repair is not possible, you only have to pay the costs for the return shipment.

How long is the warranty period?

We grant a guarantee of 6 months on the replaced parts and their function.

Sonos is only offering me a replacement device?

We hear the same thing again and again from different sides. When a device is returned to Sonos, it is often simply disposed of.

Are spare parts also offered?

Yes, we also offer spare parts such as individual loudspeaker chassis or power supplies.

Do I have to pay in advance?

No, the invoice is sent with the repaired device.



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Heike Hartmann

Top service for technical problems with Sonos devices without excessive repair costs, very reliable and helpful, highly recommended!


Thomas Fißmann

Competent, inexpensive and above all fast service for technical defects of Sonos products. Definitely the better alternative than the overpriced Sonos replacement units. We can only recommend the company isonatec and will be happy to come back to your services in the future!

Niko Köbler

Isonatec is the contemporary, sustainable and only true alternative to the completely crazy Sonos support, which only scraps defective devices and offers overpriced used devices.

At isonatec I got my Playbar repaired within a very short time and for a fair fixed price. Shipping, repair, handling - everything was smooth and fast. THANK YOU for that!

About Us

Isonatec is committed to providing high quality repairs of all Sonos products in accordance with current safety regulations. It is our ecological drive to repair the devices and not to throw them away. We are proud of this. All repairs are carried out quickly and easily to keep our customers happy and satisfied. Write us using the contact form.


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