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Sonos Play:5 gen2 Repair

The market launch of the Sonos Play:5 gen2 was in 2015, and the device was completely redeveloped from scratch. The topology of the internal speakers was changed to 3 midwoofers and 3 tweeters compared to the 1st generation. It was the first Sonos device ever to support Apple's Airplay feature.

Most of the problems occur on the logic board. The Play:5 gen2 is sensitive to mains voltage spikes, such as those that occur when the neutral conductor is interrupted or a lightning strike occurs. Very often the WiFi chip fails. Then the device only works via an Ethernet cable. If the device falls on the floor, most often the midwoofers are damaged and need to be replaced.

If a connection to the Play:5 gen2 cannot be established, it is recommended to connect the device directly to the router via an Ethernet cable. A power reset should be done again by pressing the play/pause button while the cable is plugged in. The play/pause button can be released once the LED flashes white/orange. After 20 to 30 seconds, it should now should flash green. If it does not, there is a hardware defect.


The Sonos Play:5 gen2 is very often repaired in our workshop. We also check all functions and replace parts to prevent future failures.

Sonos Play5 gen2, Five Reparatie.jpg


Typical Sonos Play:5 gen2 errors:

  • Sonos Play:5 has no function

  • Sonos Play:5 no function after loss of zero/neutral wire

  • Sonos Play:5 LED flashes white only every second

  • Sonos Play:5 reset is not possible

  • Sonos Play:5 LED flashes orange/white only

  • Sonos Play:5 sounds bad

  • Sonos Play:5 crackling noise

  • Sonos Play:5 doesn't work anymore after a short circuit

  • Sonos Play:5 doesn't work anymore after a power surge

Do you want to have the device repaired by us? Just fill out the repair form and you will receive an email with the next steps within a short time.

Want to repair your Sonos device yourself? Then check out our online store.

Our Sonos repair service includes:

  • Organization of transportation. Optional collection directly from your home.

  • Analysis of the error

  • Repair of the error

  • Replacement of the defective part

  • Additional replacement of parts that typically prevent further failure in the future.

  • Full function check

  • Continuous test of 24 hours

  • Hygienic cleaning

  • Replacement of packaging material if required

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